Real privacy

Secure messaging without compromises

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End-to-End Encryption

Your conversations and media are fully encrypted. Tungsten uses OMEMO implementation of Axolotl double ratchet, optimized for mobile, offline support and multiple devices.

Multiple Identities

Maintain (and easily switch between) multiple user personas, depending to whom you are talking.

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Tor-based Messaging

Tungsten enables truly anonymity because messages are sent via Tor. We don’t monitor traffic and don’t store your metadata.

Multiple Backup Options

Choose between between secure cloud storage, an encrypted vault on your device or don’t store data at all. It’s up to you how you backup your data.

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Secure Sync

Your messages are securely synced across all your devices. Never miss out on a conversation, use the device you want, when you want.


Iceland’s Data Protection Act ensures that the government must follow strict protocol to protect privacy.

By keeping our servers in Iceland we can guarantee the highest level of data protection.